Corporate Breakout Area

This was a tricky one!

The main centrepiece of this project is the curved wall, used as the projection screen for a variety of sources.

The tricky part was getting the image true & free of distortion due to the curved wall.

Also in the Breakout area are 4 individual zones of Audio plus 2 additional TV’s.

The whole system is controlled by a RTI KX10 in-wall touchscreen controller and automated events ensure that the system is not left on overnight by mistake.

Equipment used:

Optoma Projector
RTI Automation
Audac 100v Commercial Audio
Monacor pendant speakers
CYP Video Distribution

Supplied & installed by Avolution.

curved projector screen

120″ wide curved wall / projection screen.

pendant speakers
Artcoustic SL 6-3 speakers with the Clients choice of Getty Artwork.
KX10 in-wall keypad makes operating all TV’s / projector / audio zones easy with one-touch operation.
breakout area



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