Home Cinema Specialist

The term ‘Home Cinema’ can describe anything from a TV with soundbar speaker, to a dedicated Projector based room with an awesome sound system that would rival the finest commercial cinemas.

I am the Home Cinema Specialist and I can help you whatever your requirements including:

TV & Projector based Systems
Cinema Lighting
One-touch Control Systems
Home Cinema Seating
Acoustic Room Treatments
Design, Installation & Calibration.

I have designed and installed some World-Class, award-winning Home Cinemas in Guernsey; but am equally happy to be involved with the creation of more modest setups.

Please call me on 07781 136030 to discuss your requirements.

Here are a few Home Cinema installations I have been involved with in Guernsey:

amazing home cinema

The Best Guernsey Home Cinema
Off-the-scale-Home Cinema
invisible Home Cinema
75" UHD 4K TV with invisible surround and subwoofer speakers
LED lighting
TV with soundbar
Guernsey Home Cinema
Basement Media Room
shelving TV
TV Home Cinema with Artcoustic Speakers.
LED lighting
Dedicated Cinema Room
TV concealment
TV-based Home Cinema with Kef surround system.
LED shelving
Home Cinema in Guernsey Farmhouse.
TV with Amina Invisible Surround Sound Speakers.
LED Lighting
Drive-In Home Cinema in Garage
equipment shelving
85" TV & Kef Cinema Sound
LED lighting
4K Projector in Dedicated Cinema Room