Invisible Technology

Invisible Technology:

The Sony 75″ TV is the only visible evidence of the technology used in this ultra-smart home. However, hidden in the walls and ceilings is a 7.2 surround sound system and all other equipment: amplifiers, sky box, Apple TV etc is hidden away in the rack for a very clean look.

Control is via ipad, single remote or voice commands. Useful automation features, such as: an occupancy sensor in the Shower room that automatically starts the Clients’ favourite radio station depending on the day of the week & the time of day make full use of the RTI control system.

Equipment used:

Sony UHD 4K TV
Amina invisible speakers
Yamaha & Denon Amplification
RTI Home Automation
Dynalite Lighting & Heating Controls

Supplied & installed by Avolution.

Invisible Technology

Amina invisible in-ceiling speakers are completely….invisible!

TV wall

3 Amina invisible speakers sit behind the textured plaster TV wall and handle the front surround channels whilst 2 x Kef in-wall subwoofers are hidden in the rear of the TV wall.

Antumbra Touch

The Dynalite Antumbra Touch keypads allow one-touch control of all lighting zones, and each has a built in thermostat which controls the underfloor heating – this in turn reduces wall clutter by removing the need for separate wall thermostats.

Custom Lighting

"iPad control of all Lighting & Heating"

Backlit LED

Colour-changing LED tape is used throughout.

Pendant Lighting

Energy efficient, dimmable LED Lighting used throughout.

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