Ultimate Home Cinema 2

Off-the-Scale Home Cinema !

Without doubt, one of the best Home Cinemas I've had the privilege to be involved with, this one has it all; including:

Sony VPL-VW870ES 4K laser projector for astonishing picture quality.

Screen Research variable masking projection screen. 94" diagonal when in 16:9 'TV' mode and a substantial 2.8m wide when in 2.40:1 widescreen format. As per all the best cinemas, this screen is acoustically transparent with the front speakers mounted directly behind the screen.

7.1.4 surround sound system. Featuring Artcoustic SL 8-4 front left, right & centre speakers with Target Mini rears & surrounds and a Control One Subwoofer. Amina Mobius 5 invisible plaster-in speakers were used for the overhead front & rears.

All powered by a Denon AVCX6700 the sound this system kicks out is really something else..

Starscape fibre-optic ceiling. Not only looks great when it's twinkling in the darkness but is practical too as the felt material really helps with room acoustics.

RTI T4X remote control system tying it all together (including the lighting) for a system that's extremely easy to use.

Equipment used:

Sony 4K Projector
Screen Research Projection Screen
Artcoustic Spitfire Loudspeakers
Amina invisible Loudspeakers
Denon Amplification
RTI Control System
Starscape fibre optic star ceiling

Designed, supplied, installed and commissioned by Avolution., Guernsey.

Amazing Home Cinema
Amazing Home Cinema
Amazing Home Cinema
Amazing Home Cinema
Amazing Home Cinema
Amazing Home Cinema

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