Barn Conversion

Barn Conversion to Media Room

TV or Projector based system.....?

...or why not have both!

The client had an old barn that was due to be renovated and converted to a habitable room.
The brief was to create a dual purpose room that would utilise a projector based system for watching movies, plus a TV for day to day television watching.

In both cases the technology was to be as unobtrusive as possible to not interfere with the barns’ traditional look. A 3m wide acoustically transparent Cinema screen from ScreenResearch in conjunction with a Sony 4K projector were used for the cinema components, alongside a Samsung LED TV with Future Automation lifting mechanism to handle the TV watching duties.

Both the systems utilise the same sound system: Artcoustic wall mounted speakers were chosen for their slim profile and their ability to have the Client’s own choice of artwork at a later date.

Operating a system like this could be tricky with a table-full of remotes, but in this case the whole system is controlled with one-touch operation from the ipad.

At the press of a button the blinds close, the Cinema screen drops, the projector starts up and the lights dim – just as it should be.

Equipment used:

Screen Research Cinema Screen
Sony 4K Projector
Samsung LED Curved TV
RTI Automation
Yamaha amplification
Artcoustic Speakers
Lutron Lighting
Sonos music
Future Automation TV lift

Bespoke TV cabinet by Bonsai.

Bespoke TV cabinet

TV Retracts into cabinet when not in use



Artcoustic Speakers

Artcoustic wall-mounted front speakers

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